Did you contact the OIC and CHO after reading the MOU with the MOH but before checking with CHT for input from the TTMs? OK. TTYL. LOL.

And so the non-governmental language of Liberia quickly needed to be added our vocabulary as we sat in on meetings with the following NGOs on Monday, April 5: Merlin, Action Aid, Clinton Foundation Health Access Initiative, and the External Aid Coordinator’s Unit. (Don’t worry, they all have acronyms, too.) Each partner listed has some exciting partnership with TH which we discussed during each meeting. Action Aid will be working with TH’s women’s group as mentioned a few posts back with PhotoVoice. Clinton Foundation’s work particularly interested me – they provide technical and consulting assistance to the Ministry of Health in a capacity-building manner. I’m sure that entails its own frustrations, but also provides interesting opportunities to strengthen the ministry’s capability to improve on its health commitments to Liberians. They have an office right in the corridors of the Ministry of Health.

Lunch entailed some fufu, a West African cassava-based product that looks like the blob (I can’t think of a better reference for comparison.) I had it in Ghana many years ago, but I don’t think my body remembered. I’ll leave it at that – gastrointestinal stories become less entertaining over time. What was entertaining, however, was the construction worker who was being teased by a fellow construction worker moments after I started feeling impacted by fufu. In with fitful anger, he said “I’m going to go pee-pee on you.” I think the threat was real. After some rest mid-afternoon, I reconnected with Roona and Raj when they returned from their last meeting. We did some grocery shopping for our wonderful processed dinner, last in Monrovia for a while – Laughing Cow cheese (it doesn’t need to be refrigerated), canned pears, canned chicken spread product, canned baba ghanoush, canned soda, and some bread. Essentials in a country that imports so much of its food, be it in the market or Western-style grocery store. Well-satiated, we packed it up and prepared to get up for our 6:30AM departure for Zwedru.

For Liberian recipes see: http://www.foodbycountry.com/Kazakhstan-to-South-Africa/Liberia.html


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