Portrait of a team

Every morning at 8:15AM I meet the health home visitor team to crosscheck data collected from the previous day and to listen to how things are going in the field, among other tasks as needed. We meet at the “Brown House,” a place just outside Mulago hospital where research participants with tuberculosis come for care in various MU-CWRU research collaboration studies:

L-R (Micheal Angel, Hassard, Esther, Kezron, Joan, Sheila, Joan

Part of the CF team: (L-R: Micheal Angel, Hassard, Esther, Kezron, Sheila, Joan)

Kezron and Sheila work on another study; the “CF” (the study on which I work) and “Alcohol” study teams meet every morning in the same room. Joseline, Joyce, and Godfrey, other CF HHVs, were not in the room when I took the picture. Micheal Angel is our data manager, and he crosschecks my crosscheck.

After I finish there, I head up a hill to the MU-CWRU office. This is where I spend a bit of time currently. (It is the Medical Officers’ office.) The doctors below are principal investigators or co-PIs on studies here. If I am not in here then, I am either shadowing physicians or in the field, though I will not be doing the latter now until I have ethics board approvals of the study I described in the pilot study blog post previously.

 MO’s office:

L-R (Dr. Grace Muzanye and Dr. Phineas Gitta)

Medical Officers (L-R: Dr. Grace Muzanye and Dr. Phineas Gitta)


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