“Who let the dogs out?”

I’ll tell you who. The people living on my block. Those, plus any wandering dog has equaled loud barking central. These dogs have no evening manners. They are sleep ruiners and by extension life ruiners. They ruin people’s lives even though as guard dogs they are supposedly protective.


The German shepherd on the house plot next to mine was waking me up 4-5 times a night at first. For the past week though, I have wakened only once or twice per night due to the dogs. I brought ear plugs from the U.S. thankfully! They drown out about 80% of the barking attacks.


There are no roosters in the morning in my neighborhood, but I think I would take them over dogs. Really though, barking dogs are part of the fun, and I am quickly getting used to them, despite the malicious urges their barking incites in me occasionally.


One Response to ““Who let the dogs out?””

  1. zam-jenn Says:

    Remember that day we skyped about the nice monkeys outside your window, and i said all i have outside my window are roaming stray dogs having sex with each other and keeping us up all night with their shenanigans? WELCOME TO MY WORLD. I’m sorry. hurray for earplugs!


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