Rapunzel’s plumbers

I think I may have had a glimpse of what Rapunzel felt like on Friday, August 29. Still at that point without gas for my cooker stove and a refrigerator (since rectified), my breakfast consisted of a tangerine and some water. The plumbers showed up for what I thought would be a quick re-connection of the hot water heater to the bathtub. I was wrong.


Originally, the cold water input to the water heater (shown in the picture below as the white box on the right wall) was connected to the hot water input to the bathroom sink. (Two inputs do not make an output.) No problem. I thought they would simply reconnect some hoses, and I could get to the hospital quickly.


At one point as I was sitting in my room reading some data analysis, I heard hammering. I peered around the hallway corner into the bathroom and saw them chiseling through the wall to the outside. By the end of the chiseling the bathroom looked like this.

Flat bathroom in flux

Flat bathroom in flux




Long story short, they worked until 8:30pm, I skipped lunch and dinner and a teleconference for the research project, and the hot water faucet for the tub was broken so they created the bathtub hot warm faucet in the wall. I couldn’t leave because of the commonsense risk of missing things when I would return.

Although I stayed throughout the plumbing repair visit, unfortunately the plumbers took my drain plugs with them. It could have been an accident. Ali told me petty thievery like that is common, when the most basic things are taken. That happened to me once already for a lock in my house when people were moving in beds.


As the electrician who rewired most of my outlets and light switches on August 26 said, “Desperate people do desperate things.” He was referring to more serious events, of course, but petty thievery falls under this penumbra of desperation. The electrician also gave me some more portentous comments – hopefully not prescient ones – in light of recent/current American foreign policy. Needless to say, it was a week!


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