Zen in the big city

Friday evening I met up with Sarah who is an American student here for 10 months on the NSEP Boren scholarship. A fellow Midwesterner, I felt a little bit of home here. Matt, sage of all places culinary, took us to a Thai restaurant in Kololo. One word: zentastic. Hidden away from the road, dust, and noise, I enjoyed a good Thai dinner with them under a great open air thatched structure and peaceful music. I appreciated the moment since the previous day, I had spent 6 hours meeting “brokers” on the street with the help of Ali. Trying to find a place to live has been one of the bigger logistical ordeals I’ve experienced to date. One broker sped away on a boda-boda swearing at Ali, and we thought he was inebriated. We talked to a few more that didn’t show up but said that they would. (Ali thinks this is because they want to say that they are closer location-wise to meet so one doesn’t call someone else.) We then met a nicer broker, who eventually found me the place I have now. He was late to our appointment with the landlord-by-proxy (the “real” one is in South Africa) and apparently my place was almost sold to someone else. I’m going to say this now that I cut out about 75% of the story and frustration that went along with Thursday and Friday’s events as I just told them. These are best saved for discussion over a drink! But by the end of Friday, I had paid a month’s rent with an expected move-in date of Sunday morning.


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