Can you dance with 7 clay urns balanced on your head?

Because she can…

Ndere Centre - Feat of Wonder

Ndere Centre - Feat of Wonder


Ndere Centre is a Ugandan arts theatre that hosts different dance troupes from around Uganda and sometimes the world. A moderator led us through the different regions and intended meanings of various dance movements. For example, the dance group from the West Nile region (upper northwest) of Uganda emphasized full body movement in a way conveying “respect for the whole body” be it the hips or the elbows or the torso. The dancers from Acholiland had a visually appealing dance that paid respect to the cow. One of the women used a certain form of throat singing that had both ethereal and eerie dimensions to it. Some of the Kampala children in the audience came up at one point for storytelling and dancing. Some of them were particularly amazing dancers. The moderator gave some empowering “they are the future” moral storytelling, which I think many of their parents appeared to appreciate. So much joy and song filled the air on a very pleasant evening. Troupes from the US, Burundi, and Rwanda are coming later this month and early September for an international workshop and dance shows. The movie War Dance ( which I still have to see, ends in Ndere Centre apparently. I look forward to going back there and learning more about it and its influence in society here.


One Response to “Can you dance with 7 clay urns balanced on your head?”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Trying to figure out to whom YOUR dance movements pay respect.

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