Uganda try a Boda-Boda at some point

I met Dennis in the morning at the office to set up Internet there. The speed was decent on this private network and I later found out probably the fastest I’ll experience internet in Uganda. I went to lunch with him at a place popular with expats named Crocodile and starting my new foods with a smoked Lake Victoria tilapia and avocado sandwich. We talked human rights and social events in East Africa. I can tell Dennis will be a friend here.


On the way to lunch, I tried my first boda-boda ride. You basically ride on the back of a motorbike. I didn’t think I would do it before I came, but I did it. And then I rode one back. And then I rode one to a shopping center. And then I liked it more than I should admit. There’s a risk stratification calculus as I’m quickly finding out. If the drivers are older and wear helmets, those drivers are likely to be better, safer drivers. These things are everywhere and more prolific than cabs. I have not braved the matatus yet but probably will this weekend. They cram up to 14 people in these little mini-van type vehicles and are essentially buses. I’ve been in a few in Kenya but any latent claustrophobe in me isn’t too excited about them!


Before going to bed, I befriended a Canadian researcher my age, Matt, now at the guesthouse. He’s trying a study that tracks when medication vials are opened for an adherence study. These lids have a microchip that records how often the container is opened. Very interesting work. He gave me some travel tips here and we planned some activities for the upcoming days. I still haven’t had any meaningful leads on apartments, and I get two weeks at the guest house.


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