Day 7 – NIH training

Today we had a free day for touring Washington DC. Jared, Brooke, Ali, and I did a nice tour of many monuments. We started in Georgetown after driving past a decadent-appearing wedding at the National Cathedral. We toured the high-end shops with Ali and people watched, something easily done in Georgetown. We stopped by the river to relax, and Jared and I walked around the Patagonia Outdoors store, one of our guilty pleasures in life.

We then drove to the National Mall and started with lunch at the National Museum of the American Indian. That cafeteria has to be one of the best museum cafeterias in the country. They use different, non-mainstream American, Pacific Northwest, and Meso-American grains, roots, and vegetables to make delectable, well-presented dishes. Ali and I headed to the Capitol Building steps for a picture and gazed off at our day’s endgame: Lincoln Memorial. Next we headed to the US Botanic Gardens. The different climate zones and flora were arranged spectactularly. I enjoyed taking pictures there, including one attached to this post. We trudged along in the 95F hot, humid weather to the Washington Monument on our way to the National World War II Memorial. Resting in the shade we took pictures and hydrated before continuing on past the Reflecting Pool to the Lincoln Memorial.

Flowers - US Botanic Gardens

Flowers - US Botanic Gardens

We all rested again and then continued on to Einstein Monument (also pictured here). The memorial has Einstein looking down at the sky with a constellation orientation of the sky on the night Einstein discovered E=MC^2. I learned through the monument story placards how committed to social justice Einstein was during his life. He became all the more impressive to me. The story of the National Academies of Science’s ( creation fascinated me, especially the Institute of Medicine, as told at the monument. The vision of Congress in that era has resulted in many essential and productive branches of the NAS that I probably have taken for granted. The NAS plays an enormous role in science and technology development and policy.

Einstein Monument - Washington DC

Einstein Monument - Washington DC

Next we went past the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and then headed back towards the car just when the afternoon thunderstorm rolled in to offer relief from the scorching heat and humidity. All of us headed back to Bethesda and met my friends Andy and Kristy for dinner. All of us were exhausted after a good day!


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