Day 4 – NIH training

We started the day hearing a presentation on a virtual conference program for researchers around the world. It’s like a private chatroom where people can display papers, slides, etc., while group members are talking and typing. There were some pretty impressive details that I am forgetting as I write this post 4 days after the fact. The remainder of our morning session centered around bioethics with various cases presented by some members of the NIH Bioethics division and group discussion/debate following. Each of the scholars and fellows had to submit a case for discussion and the speakers picked a few of them and then moderated as we participants engaged in ethical analysis and decision-making. During the afternoon I started working on research for our upcoming research trial application presentation. Another scholar, Colin, and I went to the NIH Library at the Clinical Hospital building. There I saw cancer patients, families, and a beautiful facility. Our presentation group met for the remainder of the afternoon before the group chowed down a BBQ meal outside afterwards. I finished the night at a lounge in DuPont Circle with 3 other scholars, and we discussed some of the richer stuff of life — family, friends, religion — with a few laughs thrown in the mix as we sipped caipirinhas and mojitos on a warm summer night.


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