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Visiting Dr. Whalen – April 27, 2008

May 28, 2008

On April 27th, I took a commuter trip to Cleveland and met with Dr. Whalen to start discussing the clinical research trials in Kampala. I started getting a sense of where I could fit into two different trials (one is a cough survey study; another is a treatment trial in people coinfected with HIV/Tb) and also discussed the project that I could propose. The options were diverse ranging from medical anthropology work, focusing in on and analyzing a data set within the existing trials, and, what I am hoping to do either independently or through the program directly, a psychiatric-based project looking at mental health/illness in any of many populations in Uganda including child soldiers, rape victims from Congo, or refugees under the guidance of local professionals. Thankfully, I have some time still to consider all of these possibilities and do some research in the meantime. I’ll likely get a 4×4 vehicle while there, a crazy proposition in some way but exciting nonetheless. Dr. Whalen also encouraged me to work on some individual and joint ethics papers when I am in Uganda, and I very excited about our mutual interests in that realm given my graduate school background. He graciously took me around Cleveland during the day, including lunch at “Yours truly” and a one-on-one tutoring session on the trials and some quick biostats lessons. I left more invigorated for the upcoming experience that edges closer and closer!